Niko talks about future projects.

Niko von Glasow talks about how to help people with disabilities by not helping and about showing compassion rather than taking pity.

“Help is only help when it actually helps – so help when asked, help yourself and be a kind person to all,” is filmmaker Niko von Glasow’s response to the question he is often asked about whether or not to help people with disabilities.

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"I'm a filmmaker who has short arms due to the effects of the drug Thalidomide. The first thing people react to when they meet me is how I look. Even if they don't say anything, they either stare or look away. They show that they're uncomfortable with me. I can hardly blame them; I'm very uncomfortable about myself. All my life I've tried not to think about my disability, tried to ignore the truth. Many disabled people find it hard to deal with the disgusted, confused, or pitying stares they receive when they're out in public. Society needs to get used to the way we look, and stop seeing us as beings from another planet. Of course we look different, but it is possible to see beyond that."

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One of the thousands of Germans born with deformities caused by the drug Thalidomide, filmmaker Niko van Glasow confronts his disability head-on in this extraordinary documentary, which follows his search for eleven other “Thalidomiders” willing to pose naked for a book of photos. With a darkly humorous touch, and no deference to political correctness, the film explores the sensitivities and feelings of the disabled in a way rarely seen on film.